Specialized Detergents & Solutions for VAX appliances

VAX have perfected dedicated purposed built detergents for use with their products that really do the job

Specialized Detergents & Solutions for VAX appliances
It is VERY IMPORTANT!  that you only use GENUINE VAX detergents and solutions with your VAX product. If you use generic or other brand products they WILL damage your product! and void or nullify any guarantee you may have! FACT! - VAX solutions have been developed to work with your product without flaw. They are chemical products so it is very important to realize that only VAX solutions will work with VAX products - Other solutions WON'T do! If you use other products they may be corrosive or the viscosity may be wrong and not only will the performace be affected but the appliance may never be or work the same again - USE ONLY VAX SOLUTIONS in your VAX appliances!
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AAA For Pets Carpet Cleaning Solution
We all love our pets, but we don't love the dirty paw prints and pet smells they leave behind on our carpets, sofas and car seats. AAA For Pets is formulated to lift embedded dirt and stains and neutralise those nasty niffs, rather than just masking them. Its fresh fragrance leaves your whole home s..
Ex Tax: 14.62€
AAA Spring Clean Carpet Cleaning Solution (1.5L)
AAA Spring Clean gently lifts embedded dirt and stains from your carpets and upholstery. Its floral scented formula puts the spring back into your carpets and leaves your whole home smelling as fresh as a daisy. Woolsafe approval means it's guaranteed safe for use on all types of carpet, including p..
Ex Tax: 12.15€
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Carpet Shampoo (750ml) 1-9-131909-00
The Vax Carpet Shampoo is best for use on wool, polyester and raffia carpets. It provides deep cleaning for those without a carpet washing machine. It breaks down stains and refreshes carpets and rugs, without any sticky residue. Just mix with water, use a clean cloth or sponge to apply to the carpe..
Ex Tax: 9.99€
Floor to Floor Hard Floor Cleaning Solution (1.42L)
Floor to Floor hard floor cleaning solution gently removes tough spots and stains from all your hard floors. It cleans and shines with no dulling residue and is safe to use on sealed laminates, hard floors and tiles. NO LONGER AVAILABLE ..
Ex Tax: 0.00€
Vax Spring Fresh Steam Detergent 1L
Our environmentally friendly Spring Fresh Steam detergent breaks down grease and grime, neutralises odours and eliminates 99.9%* of harmful bacteria for up to 7 days. This bottle is big enough for up to 20 steam cleans. It’s ideal for cleaning up after your kids, leaving your bare floors sparkl..
Ex Tax: 14.37€
Vax Steam Detergent 500ml
Introducing a unique detergent product that delivers hygenic cleaning, with 99.9% of bacteria being eliminated for up to 7 days. The detergent helps break down grease and grime better than steam alone. The detergent is safe to use on all sufraces, can be safely used around children and pets (no harm..
Ex Tax: 8.12€
If you need a little help the right way to go about it is as follows
If you are unsure or can't find what you need the don't hesitate to let us know! - We will assist you in finding what you are looking for if it is available. Before making contact - please examine your appliance for the rating plate and have your model number ready. You can call us in Dublin, Ireland on 01 8746141 / 8726565 / 8746860 or email us - please note due to the level of enquiry that we have email will have a slower response time.